Mu Xin Gallery 1

Mu Xin’s early period paintings have all been lost after going through different political movements. What we show here include calligraphy, sketches, medium-sized color ink paintings and small-sized landscape paintings, also presented are his tools, brushes, ink-slab, manuscripts on his ideas about art and life, about memories of his masters and friends. Mu Xin’s paintings have never been shown in mainland China before, so we are presenting a brand new “painter Mu Xin” as well as the “poet Mu Xin” to the public while opening this new museum.

Mu Xin Gallery 2

With the large scale displaying tables and showcases, we concentrate on the small-sized color ink paintings that Mu Xin made between age of 73 to 82(images are shown on the other side of the brochure).

On the east wall, we show the series of his abstract lithographs created during his stay in United States in the 1980’s. What we see in Gallery 1 shows the sequences of his learning process with Mr. Lin Fengmian, in this gallery, we are able to see the aloof works which advance to the maturity stage in his latter years.