- Plan your visit

Opening hours:

Summer Time: 09:00-17:30

Winter Time: 09:00-17:00

Closed on every Monday, open on national holidays. (please follow MUXIN ART MUSEUM official WeChat and check opening hours on holidays)

Ticket office close 30 minutes prior to Museum closing.

Entrance Fee: RMB 20

Group tour reservation:

Reservations for group (≥50 visitors) must be made 3 days in advance.

reservation landline: +86 (0)573 88731822

reservation email: infos@muxinam.com

About free and concessionary tickets:

1. Free ticket

1) With below certifications:

Paper and digital “certificate of tour guide”;

retired certificate;

disabled certificate, disabled soldier certificate, disabled policeman certificate, disabled civil servant certificate, disabled government employee certificate.

driver with A, A1 certificate.

juniors under 1.2m.

Wuzhen Tourism Company free entry certificate.

2. Concessionary ticket:

1) 15 RMB / person

a) senior certificate (or seniors over 60 with ID card);

b) military card;

2) 10 RMB / person

a) full time student, below undergraduate certificate;

b) juniors between 1.2-1.5m

- Entry notice

1. No smoking.

2. No food or drinks besides the cafe area.

3. Don’t touch the exhibits and gallery equipment.

4. No pets, don’t bring the smelly, flammables and explosives items into the museum.

5. Photography are not allowed in introduction gallery, Mu Xin Gallery 3, literature gallery. Don’t record videos played in all galleries. Don’t use flash light, tripod and selfie tool.

6. Coatroom is on B1 floor, take care of your important belongings with you.

7. To ensure a comfortable and safe visit, we may limit visitors flow when necessary.

8. Please keep quiet for others to enjoy a nice visiting environment.

9. For safety consideration, children under 1.2m are not recommended to enter the museum. If do, parents shall sign theand be under parents’ or guardians’ close supervision at all time. If accidences happened, the museum will be exceptional from all liability. If children make too much noise during visit and affect the other visitors, the museum would ask the parents/guardians to take them away temporarily.

10. Alcoholics and the disheveled are not allowed to enter the museum.